Cloud Based Phone Systems

Cloud phone systems are telephones that use the internet rather than traditional ISDN phone lines to make and receive calls. Using the internet for communications can have huge benefits for businesses including call quality, scalability and costings.

As of 2025, all active ISDN and PSTN lines will be switched off, which means that IP telephony will be the next step for businesses. We can tailor a cost-effective solution that will keep you one step ahead of your competition. Upgrade today to save money and improve your communications.


By using the cloud for calls, businesses have access to a host of advanced call routing features that can be difficult and expensive to implement through traditional ISDN telephony.


Being ready for the future should be at the forefront of every businesses’ mind when considering their communications. Cloud communications offer cost effective solutions that are geographically limitless, instantly scalable and multi-sited.


By using a cloud-based system to manage calls, businesses can divert calls to multiple devices inside and outside of their local network. If the phones in your office were to go down, you can divert call traffic to mobile devices to ensure calls never go unanswered.


If your business is experiencing an outage or downtime, having a cloud phone system in place will allow you to instantly divert to your pre- configured disaster recovery plan.


The cloud phone systems offered by Invosys Business give businesses access to detailed insights via reporting. The call stats are available on any device and include the number of calls unanswered, the average wait time for callers, peak times for call traffic and much more.


Whether you require just one device or have multiple teams of people, Invosys Business hosted solution can provide you with a suitable telephony solution for your business whatever your requirements.