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In the past, a telephone number used to be linked to one specific phone. All calls made to that telephone number could only be sent to that one phone. Even on-site PBX, which allows you to route calls, is still limited to business premises.

Our virtual phone numbers guarantee you flexibility as they can be diverted to a different landline or mobile instantly online so calls can be made and received from anywhere and any device.

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Geographic Numbers

We can provide local telephone numbers, also known as Geographic Numbers, that are specific to a town or city location in the UK, but not connected to a physical phone line in that area. A local telephone number for Manchester for example will start 0161, whilst Birmingham is 0121. With our local numbers you can have a “virtual” presence in any UK town or city without the need for an office or landline at the actual location.

03 UK-Wide Numbers

Our 03 UK-wide numbers are national numbers that are not linked to a geographic location. They are a very cost effective alternative to freephone numbers as calls to them are charged at the same rate as landlines, and are often included in caller’s packages. 03 numbers enable you to appear as a nationwide company, appealing to customers throughout the UK.

0800 Freephone

0800 are more commonly known as freephone and are free to call from both UK landlines and mobiles. Allowing your customers to call you for free can help you encourage sales enquiries or to offer outstanding customer service.

International Local Numbers

We can provide virtual area code numbers for many towns and cities around the world. Similar to our UK Geographic Numbers, they give you a virtual presence in locations abroad without the need for an office and/or landline. Calls can terminate anywhere in the world The caller pays a normal local or national call charge within the native country.

International Freephone

International freephone numbers are free to call from a landline, within the native country and we can terminate these calls anywhere in the world, allowing your business to appear truly global.

084/ 087 Numbers

For best prices and money back rebates on 084 and 087 contact us here.